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Miriana Scatola: la mia esperienza universitaria americana

Miriana Scatola: la mia esperienza universitaria americana

When they asked me to describe my experience at Iowa Wesleyan University I immediately thought "how can I summarize all these months of experience in a few lines? It’s impossible”. I can describe what I do and what I study. However, my personal experiences, my relationships with other students, my daily life on campus is indescribable. There are not enough words to describe how advanced the academic and cultural growth is in such a context.

When I came here, I was not sure how to make friends because I have a very strong personality. For this reason, I decided to participate as much as possible in school events. I participated in the annual school parade to represent the country that I love so much, Italy (I am from Rome). From that moment I noticed that it was not hard for me to make new friends. Above all, I realized I liked to be involved in university events that are not just about classes. Shortly after, I attended the International Fair and I prepared the dessert tiramisu for all the students. It was a unique and unforgettable experience. Finally, my peers began to be interested about my country and started to ask me how life was in the other side of the ocean.
Meanwhile I was studying. I never left my studies. I have always considered it as the main reason why I am here. The idea of not doing well in class has always bothered me, still today I am afraid not to give my parents any satisfaction. After all they did for me, after all the trust they gave me to stay here by myself, I cannot disappoint them at all. That made me be on the Dean's list for the whole period I have been in this university. The first semester with a total GPA of 3.7 and the second semester with 3.9. I would say almost perfect, I am very proud of myself.
In the second semester I started a group in which I was the president, the International Student Organization. It was an experience that lasted the whole semester and I am happy I participated because I gave the best of me in order to create a harmonious group from different cultures. We created several events, including a night event with music for all students, and the holy festival with body paint and international music. This group was really fun, it stimulated the creativity and organizational side of all those who participated.
In this new year, I am a sophomore student. I work as a tutor for the department of criminology, statistics, public speaking, sociology and world religion. This new experience has introduced me to the field of work. In fact, this is the first job I have ever had. I like it very much and I hope to have the same approach with all my future jobs. Next semester I will be ready to proofread essays to all students. Can you imagine this? An Italian young woman whose first language is not English, has enough knowledge to correct American students. I am super happy.
We will see what the future reserves. In the meantime, I will focus on my major and my classes and I will have fun with my friends from all over the world. If there is one thing I learned by being here, is that we should take every opportunity, we should not leave anything behind or regret anything, take advantage of being happy every single day because these years of youth will never come back.


Miriana Scatola: la mia esperienza universitaria americana

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