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“Immersed in Italy” - Alyssa from Nevada, USA

When doing an exchange year you open your mind your heart your life and you allow yourself to be filled with new experiences, ideas, and cultures. You change in unimaginable ways. You will ultimately put yourself through one of the hardest but yet most rewarding experiences that life has to offer. My experience has been truly amazing and humbling. I got placed in Bologna which is a extraordinary city but I got placed with an even more extraordinary family.

However the communication the first few months proved to be quite strenuous, but we persevered through all the broken conversations. This family that was strangers less than a year ago is now my family. The only thing that stops us from being a true family is blood. I’ve loved getting to know each of them and genuinely connecting with them. I enjoy cooking with my mom almost every night, going to all of my brothers basketball games, running with my dad, and always having great conversations with my sister.


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