Il mio anno alla pari? Ve lo racconto dalla Virginia, perché ho deciso di prolungarlo!

One year ago, after I graduated from High School, I left my family, my friends and my country and I decided to become an Au Pair in the USA. It was time for me to improve as a person. Now I live in Alexandria, Virginia, a city 15 minutes away from Washington DC and I’m part of an amazing family I can’t thank enough for what they do for me every single day.

It’s been an intense year, so much happened and changed. I lost my dad in the middle of my experience and it is the worst thing that could ever happen to me. I still can’t believe it. If I’m still here enjoying my American life is because of my host family, my friends and my mom that have always been supportive and helpful.
The most important thing this Au Pair Program gave me is my host family and my little man (Stanley). They are special. I’ve never thought I would be part of a family that makes you feel home and cares so much about you! Every single day I learn something from my host mom (Kim) and dad (Mike), they are such a big example for me, in every single little thing.
My host Mom Kim became a Brigadier General in the US Army Corps of Engineers. I had the honor to take part in her Promotion Ceremony and during her speech she said “Surround yourself with people who challenge you, who make you better everyday”. This is what every single person in the world should do. Life is not easy and sometimes it’s not even fair but one day you’ll get what you deserve.
In the past 12 months/365 days/8760 hours in the US, I saw stunning places, met amazing people, joined a basketball team, improved my English, ran a 10 miler, ran a 5k when the temperature was -15°, watched the Washington Capitals win the Stanley Cup, got the American driving license and much more…
Today I can proudly say, after being a year in the USA, this was the best choice I could ever made and I’m so happy I’m staying 6 more months with my family. This is something I will never regret and forget. I found myself and I opened my mind. Finally I understood what I want. This is why I always say it’s my journey of hope!
I want to tell people to not be scared of traveling, discovering. Sometimes It’s the only way to find yourself. Just go for it and have new experiences abroad!


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