Benedetta: dalla High School all’Università negli USA

Being an exchange student was one of my dreams during high school and, thanks to my family and friends who supported me, it became real for the school year 2015-2016. It has been the hardest but the most amazing experience I have ever lived.

It was the hardest one because, you know, I left my comfort zone for a long period of time for the first time by myself, without exactly knowing where I was going or what to expect, and without knowing the language very well. While it was the most amazing experience because I got to know, appreciate and immerse myself in the American culture, I got to see gorgeous places, I got to meet awesome people, and it made me grow as a person.

Beside this, who would have thought I would have come back in the States to study for college? Not me, that's for sure. Though, during my last year of high school in my home country, when the time to choose what university to attend came, what I thought was "I want to go study in the US".

So here I am, majoring in Chemistry with an emphasis in Forensic Chemistry at Southern Utah University.

College is fun! I love campus life! Honestly, after my first semester is almost over, I can say that I couldn't have made a better decision.

I'm sending a few pictures with my wonderful host family and others on campus with my new friends!

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