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Angelica e il suo anno scolastico in California

Le parole di Angelica sono, a nostro avviso, la migliore testimonianza di quanto valga la pena mettersi in gioco, lasciare il quotidiano per qualcosa di ignoto:

“Being an exchange student means being reborn for a second time in a second life, but this time by building your life with your own strength, skills, and courage in a new country with a new language, a new way of living, new friendships, and a new family and school. An exchange student will discover that you have to believe more in yourself ’cause you’ll be able to do everything that you have never thought you could do before. I hope anybody who is about to become an exchange student will enjoy every day and learn as much as they can from their experience.”

Greetings from fabulous California, Angelica Braschi.


Angelica e il suo anno scolastico in California

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