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Un anno dopo!

L’esperienza da Exchange Student è talmente intensa e unica che si ricorda con emozione per tutta la vita.

Ad un anno dalla sua partenza, Davide Bartoli, Exchange Student di Mondo Insieme in Australia, scrive:

“One year ago, in this very moment, I was starting a very long “journey” which would change my life… I was going to Australia! I was so excited and I am still today when I think about it! I watched over and over every single photo I took in that wonderful country exactly by the other side of the world! Right now I’m feeling a bit sad and aussie-homesick! I had such a terrific amazing wonderful awesome gorgeous time! I would like to thank each and every person I met (I would have loved to stay more time to get to know you better), so I thank all of you from the deepest of my heart for making me feel one of you!”


Un anno dopo!

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