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Congratulazioni Federico!!!

Congratulations to Federico Stroppa, Choice Plus High School Exchange Student at Miami Beach Senior High, for achieving the Honor Roll. We are proud of you Federico and happy to share your feedback about this past year:

“I can’t believe that I have only a few more weeks left to the end of my exchange year in Miami. The time is going so fast, it’s actually flying.. I owe to this experience my happiness and my positive way of thinking. I would never wake up from this dream, but I also can’t wait to hug and see my family and my people again. I am very grateful to both my host families, in different ways they helped me get on board and go through my school year. I will miss my host Brother CJ a lot, we spent a lot of great times together, he is a brother and a friend to me.

I really learned a lot from my American teachers at Miami Beach High School, a lot of new subjects that improved my knowledge. I am now able to speak English and Spanish at an advanced level. This year in Miami I learned that there are a lot of beautiful opportunities if you take an exchange year abroad, it’s not only about language but as well you learn to have a different attitude towards life and self discipline. Special thanks go to my coach Danny Hawk who gave me the most incredible chance to keep up with my boxing and mostly to learn the professional aspects of sports”. Federico


Congratulazioni Federico!!!
Congratulazioni Federico!!!

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