7 reasons to study in Quebec!

Il Quebec ti affascinerà per via del suo mix equilibrato tra la cultura francese e quella nordamericana, ma quali sono i motivi per sceglierlo come destinazione per un semestre o anno scolastico? Lo abbiamo chiesto al nostro partner e ai nostri studenti, ecco le loro risposte, con un gran senso dell'umorismo che ti conquisterà:

1. Because there are more culinary specialities than you think. Poutine is for the special occasions. Try rather the carrot cake or the wheat-turkey in the butter, otherwise the maple syrup on crêpes, on ice cream, in the coffee, in the yoghurt, we put Maple syrup everywhere.

2. Because the winter without snow, is not winter. There are maybe 4 meters of snow a year in Quebec, but it is also sunny! The cold, it is in the head. As the Quebeckers say: y fait frette icitte!

3. Because the exchange rate is advantageous. We may laugh at the Canadian currency, but the cost of living is lower, so the rest we don't care.

4. Because the students are smiling and intelligent. No one makes fun of the Quebecker accent, because we are always smiling, pleasant, and kind, understood?

5. Because the United States are within reach by car. It is not that the rest of Canada it is not delightful, but Quebeckers can easily enjoy a weekend in New York, or simply stop over the border for a little shopping, or even take a walk in Boston and then return home.

6. Because you will be able to clarify clichés. For example, it is Canadian Elks which we have a lot, not Caribou. We are warm, we like life and especially we like sharing our culture.

7. Because of hockey, it is the sport of sports. Hockey, either watching or playing, is the activity of Saturday evenings. We enjoy an after match treat of poutine (cheese curds, french fries and gravy), which helps us forget the defeat. It's perfect.

Beatrice Luccon di Abano Terme sta trascorrendo il suo anno scolastico in Quebec e ci dice: 

« I was lucky enough to visit Ottawa with my host family. The visit to the Parliament really surprised me because we could enter inside to visit and a guide explained us in detail all the political system: the difference between the senate and the House of Commons. We went up in the tower of the peace and we could observe all the city of Ottawa. Besides, I also had the opportunity to attend a match of the national line of Hockey, the arena is big and the atmosphere is for the party. »

Contattaci subito e diventa un Exchange Student in Quebec!

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